Implementation Activities

  • Planning and the preparation for Installation
  • Installation on Windows Operating System
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Installing and Patching Oracle Database Software
  • Central Instance Installation
  • Database Instance Installation
  • Dialog Instance Installation
  • Troubleshooting of Installation Problems
  • Post-Installation Activities of ERP Component
  • Startup Issues of the SAP System
  • SAP GUI Installation and installing the GUI Patches
  • Starting and Stopping the SAP System
  • System Start Process
  • System Shutdown and Startup process and analysis
  • Starting and Stopping SAP under Windows and UNIX Operating Systems
  • SPAM/SAINT Upgrade
  • How to download the patches and applying Patches, Support Packages from Service Market Place.
  • Implementing the Support Packages, Plug-Ins
  • Deploying the Add ons like BI-Content
  • Applying Notes
  • Kernel Upgrade
  • Installation of Languages like Arabic, Chinese etc
  • Logon Screen Customizing of the SAP System
  • Customizing the Company Logo to the SAP System

Client Administration

  • Local Client Copy
  • Client Export Import
  • Remote Client Copy

System Landscape

  • Single system landscape
  • Two systems Landscape
  • Three systems Landscape
  • Multi System Landscape

Transport Management System

  • TMS Terminology and Concepts
  • Configuring TMS & Checking Transport Directory
  • Configuring Transport Domain Controller & Group
  • Configuring Virtual Sap System & Displaying Configuration
  • Including Sap Systems In The Transport Domain
  • Creating Consolidated Routes and Delivery Routes
  • Transport Directory Vs Transport Domain
  • Troubleshooting Transports

Change and Transport System

  • Customizing Request and Workbench Requests
  • Releasing Requests through Customizing/Workbench /Transport Organizer
  • Importing Change Requests

Support Activities

  • Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server
  • Dispatcher Process
  • Message server
  • Work process Architecture
  • Dialog Work Process
  • Background Work Process
  • Update Work Processv
  • Enqueue Work Process
  • Spool work Process
  • Enabling the Webgui for the ERP System
  • SAP Transactions
  • System Logs
  • Working with ABAP Dumps

SAP Background Administration

  • Fundamentals of Background Processing
  • Various types of Background Jobs
  • Scheduling the Background jobs
  • Monitoring the Background Jobs

SAP Spool Administration

  • Overview of spool process
  • Configure and Troubleshoot SAP Printers

Profile Maintenance and Parameter Setting

  • Default Profile
  • Start Profile
  • Instance Profile

Operation Modes

  • Define An Operation Mode Day And Night Operations
  • Manual Switching Of Modes
  • Exceptional Mode
  • Monitoring


  • Introduction To CCMS
  • CCMS Monitors
  • System Monitoring with CCMS

Tools for SAP System Administration

  • Daily Tasks in System Management
  • SAP Service Marketplace

Setting Up Remote Connections

  • Fundamentals and Types of RFC
  • Setting Up RFC Connections

Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Trouble shooting

  • Workload Analysis
  • Performance Analysis Monitors
  • SAP Memory Management
  • SAP Table Buffering
  • RFC Monitoring

SAP Database Administration (ORACLE)

  • Database Introduction
  • Database Architecture
  • Working with Offline and Online Backup
  • Select Query mechanism
  • Update Mechanism
  • OPS$ Mechanism
  • Tape Management
  • Space Management
  • Adding the Tablespaces using BRTools
  • Working with BR Tools